100 Club Tuesday Blues

SDP and band play the Tuesday Blues night at the 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London. His first outing with Jim Mortimore on bass & keyboards, the night also sees … Read More

Bluefunk Rhythm & Blues Club

This first class trio comes to Bluefunk for the third time. Stephen Dale Petit is an American who has made the UK his home and over time has established himself … Read More

Upton Blues Festival 2022

SDP and his razor-sharp band perform songs from their latest album “2020 Visions” alongside blues deep-cuts. Dynamic excitement born of the blues, with a refreshingly daring approach, launches Petit from … Read More

Upton Blues Festival 2020

BUY TICKETS Friday 17 July  19:00 Riverside Stage SDP and his razor-sharp band, bassist Sophie Lord and drummer Jack Greenwood, perform songs from their new album “2020 Visions” alongside blues deep-cuts. Dynamic excitement … Read More

Gong Galaxy Club, Oviedo, Spain

La pandemia del Covid 19 nos ha privado de muchas cosas durante el último año y medio aproximadamente, una de ellas la música en directo. Todo este tipo de eventos … Read More

Club Clavicembalo, Lugo, Spain

Guitarrista, cantante y compositor nacido en California (Estados Unidos) y residente en Reino Unido. La experiencia de la guitarra de Blues de Stephen Dale Petit comenzó a una edad temprana … Read More

La Ley Seca, Zaragoza, Spain

Stephen Dale Petit, es guitarrista, cantante, compositor y músico de New Blues nacido en California (Estados Unidos) y residente en Reino Unido. Stephen Dale Petit ha lanzado 5 álbumes, ha … Read More