Voodoo Lover

Ladies and Gentleman
I’m gonna talk to you about the Voodoo Lover
Now this is a man who possesses special powers
He has the ability to tune right in
A genuine lover man
Y’all know what I’m talkin’ about - yeah!
We ain’t talkin’ about no 2 minute man
He takes his lover to a place she’s never been before
Supernatural, Incredible, Spiritual…

Voodoo Lover
I’ll take you there
There is no other can compare
Your senses climb
No sense of time
I’ll leave you breathless
Floating on air

Oh, fading away
Molding you like clay
Oh you’re begging me you say
Keep on that way
I’ll take you there
I’ll take you there

Voodoo Lover
I’ll give you more
Than you have ever had before
Senses aflame
Don’t know your own name
I’ll leave you shaken to the core

Oh you swear and pray
Oh a triple play
Oh you’re beggin’ me you’re beggin’ me you say
Oh keep on that way
I’ll take you there
I’ll take you there…

Voodoo Lover
Voodoo Lover

Copyright © 2010 Serious Delta Papa Music

Appears on "The Crave" © 333 Records Ltd

Voodoo Lover

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