Hard To Love You

When I was out and down
And simple solid ground
Was a far and distant place, oh

I didn’t have a prayer
Or anybody, anywhere
Only searchin’ for a way home

You came along just in time
I was gonna lose my mind
Oh and now you’re my first destination

But you make it hard to love you
Oh oh,
No matter what I say
No matter what I do
You make it hard to love you

When nothing’s making sense
And all my confidence
Seems to slip right through my fingers

And when the world’s grown cold
All my fears taken hold
And hurt and pain are all that linger

Only you can do and say
All the things that take my blues away
Yes you know you give me extra sensation

Copyright © 2013 Serious Delta Papa Music

Appears on "Cracking The Code" © 333 Records Ltd

Hard To Love You

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