Hole In My Soul

I swear I thought you were my saviour
That you had come for my relief
You walked in proud just like a solider
And you crept away just like a thief
I did not feel so bad, no, to see you go
It’s just you took everything but this hole in my soul

They say the devil’s in the details
So I double down and ball the jack
You’re still sending me those e-mails
You know I been to Hell and back
Satan told me no I had to go
After he took a good look at this hole in my soul

There was a time I thought that I
Could read every turn in the road,
Now I find that I’m going blind,
Except for this hole in my soul.

Subject to investigation
I guess that I’m the one to blame
I’d give another explanation
In the end it’s all the same
I’ll tell them all I know and make it snow
And then I’m travellin’ on a slow boat
Lookin’ for my grace note
I’m gettin’ along with this hole in my soul

Copyright © 2010 Serious Delta Papa Music

Appears on "The Crave" © 333 Records Ltd

Hole In My Soul

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